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Products / Net Health Monitor

1. Application description

Ever increasing complexity of net services combined with demands to their easy accessibility needs setting of  mighty and authorized software solution of their  observation. NET Health Monitor is a software tool which provides just such control over your net infrastructure, servers, client stations and net applications.

It is indefatigable helper which watches over your net and accessibility of your servers 24 hours daily, 7 days in a week. It gives you a time-lead to solve problems which occur in services being watched before your customers feel them.

This software package is designated not only for net administrators and internet providers, which ask detailed outlook on their net status, but it is appropriate even for smaller firms which would like to watch accessibility of their internet presentations and of internet connectivity.

With the help of NET Health Monitor, you can:

  • monitor Web pages, their responses and returned content (including support to SSL security and the user authentication).
  • monitor post servers and their protocols SMTP, POP3, IMAP.
  • monitor basic internet services as FTP, NNTP…
  • check a functionality of SQL databases by means of T-SQLP queries or stored procedures.
  • make a connection and check accessibility of internet services on any TCP port.
  • monitor a functionality and response if any net device, routers, servers or distinct PC by PING service.
  • be informed in the case of functionality crash, of non satisfied criterions or in the case the response slowed down billow the given threshold.
  • select the way of warning by E-mail, SMS, MSN Messenger, “Net Send” message, indication on Windows Desktop or by a start of any application.
  • access all settings, logs, statistics both locally and remotely by the Web console or by the web browser.
  • watch a status of individual rules with the help of PDA or mobile phone.
  • set the range and frequency of checks, with the limits of errors and warnings.
  • create clearly arranged complex statistics of monitored services and devices.
  • get detailed outlook about accessibility and power of services which are being watched.
  • depict stored data by hours, days, moths or on the given time interval.

2. How it works

The base of the system is a NT service which takes care about monitor rules, sending warnings and notifications, collecting of statistical data and logging of accessibility of watched systems and applications. All data concerning monitored systems are written into SQL database. All settings can be done locally or remotely by a web browser. Supported browsers are IE6/7, Firefox 2.0 a Opera 8.5 (possibly newer). Also, web interface is used  to display monitored services in real time or by means of statistical reports.

NET Health Monitor is optimized to high power and also to spend as little system and net resources as possible.