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Case Studies / e-Dictionaries

1. Project name

ESlovníky – Electronic dictionaries (

2. Short characteristic of the project

web translation dictionary – a chance to search either in all or in selected supported languages (Czech – English, Italian, Latin, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian) and branches (general, technology, economy-law, medicine, chemistry, agriculture) in unique interconnection while having an opportunity to let the text read with the integrated technology  Linguatec, more with the foreign words dictionary

  • database now contents almost 70 thousands translational entries
  • there is an option to get a translation preview just in an offer of found words
  • it is possible to switch the translated word into a word to be translated
  • both time and credit approaches are implemented


3. Customer profile

  • Publisher TZ-one - Mgr. Tomáš Zahradníček
  • Region of operations: the Czech Republic

4. Why the project was realized

  • the only on-line project which is able to translate integral sets of dictionaries to a given language from common to expert terminology


5. Time of realization

  • 2005-today: at work while new dictionaries are being completed continuously

6. Position on the market

  • At present, the most exhaustive on-line dictionary in the Czech Republic
  • At this moment more then 17 thousands registered  users

7. Typical profile of user

  • company translators
  • education (students, language teachers) 
  • public

8. Way of operation, accessibility of

  • publicly accessible application on the address, the content is partially free, partially payable in the form of set if products called Electronic dictionaries
  • publicly accessible and free common dictionaries in all implemented languages

9. User interface

www browser

10. Technologies used

10.1. Software

  • Windows Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2005
  • .NET FrameWork 3.5

10.2. Hardware

  • Intel Core 2 Quad, 2,4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM

11. Solution description

ESlovniky project brings to its users a chance to work with dictionaries in expanded way.

11.1. Pillars

  • wide and unique information sources 
  • exhaustive data model 
  • XML and .NET platform
  • significant our country translators and dictionary authors participate in the project
  • good ideas

11.2. Some principles

  • unrestricted number of latent dictionaries and language
  • decomposition of translated text into standalone words and its search in all languages and branches
  • java script web keyboard implementation enables the text input in different character encodings without necessity to install the keyboard into PC 
  • Linguatec technology implementation enables to read selected texts
  • thematic sorting of terms with respect to branches