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or as building blocks of tailor-made solutions.

Products / Otto’s encyclopedias

in Otto’s encyclopedia, you will find

  • entire text of
    • 28 volumes of Otto’s educational dictionary from years 1888 – 1909 – almost 186 thousands entries which were published on 29 thousands of pages in original editions alongside 5,500 image appendixes (including unique historical maps)
    • 12 volumes of Otto’s educational dictionary of new era from years 1930 –1943, approximately 59 thousands entries originally published on nine thousands of pages amid two thousands of pictures and one thousand of image appendixes
  • sophisticated apparatus of keywords which enables to work in similar manner as a dictionary in a printed form
  • extended apparatus of hypertext – about 40 thousands of hypertext links connecting relative or similar themes

in Otto’s encyclopedia, you can

  • quickly search and find all types of information (words, relations) in full texts of  Otto’s dictionaries with the help of robust search engine Find personal which is based on Verity technology
  • in a split second find any page of the original edition and display it in any scale
  • print on printer any entry or a dictionary page
  • by means of cross links promptly find relations 
  • use encyclopedia text for next work in any text editor
  • and first of all, thanks to a big range and high quality of information preparation in original Otto’s dictionaries, get knowledge virtually from all regions of human wisdom!!!

to work with Otto’s encyclopedy, you need 

  • a computer of PC type running Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • DVD mechanics to install Otto’s encyclopedia from DVD medium
  • 2 GB of free space on a hard disk for recommended installation variant
  • all other necessities are on the installation DVD