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Reference / Encyclopedia

Client: Thousands of users mainly from the Czech Republic, but also from the whole world, from Germany to USA to Japan to Australia.
Description: Without any doubt, Otto’s encyclopedia is our heart product, for more than 15 years, its result is a digital form of Otta’s educational dictionaries from years 1888 – 1943 on dvd and web.

Client : Euromedia Group k.s.
Description: Since 2001, our redaction-systems provess all printed and digital products from the encyclopedia line Universum, the most comprehensive Czech encyclopedia from times after the Otto’s educational dictionaries, read more in the case study.

Client: Tens of thousands users
Description: 3 largest encyclopedias of Czech history: Otta’s dictionaries (1888 – 1943), Small Czechoslovakia encyclopedia (1983 – 1987), Universum (2000 – 2008), with the help of one query it can be found how artifacts of human knowledge varied during the times, more than 50 thousands digitally scans of printed pages, more than half of million encyclopedia entries.