About AION

Basic information, contacts, certifications,
Semantic conceptual gaming club :) ...


Let us please to introduce AION in other form – with the help of our product ATOM2, that is by a technique of semantic categorization of information – Topic Maps (ISO/ČSN 13 250)

  • by division of views to our company by persons, organizations, products, activities and hobbies
  • by standalone and cross-linked properties, both typed and in variants
  • by association links between those views which posses some meaning

Beside other things, this example demonstrates a speed of work with ATOM2 – from the first thought to the finished state, exactly 12 hours passed.

Enough words, try.

If you have any

  • spots, notes, comments,
  • possibly, if you know some other product, with the help of it it’s possible to realize such thoughts with the same speed, please, let us know:)

Please, write to info@aion.cz.