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Value concentrated understanding of projects

For many years, during the software development, we used a mechanism of process control called Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) which presents a methodology Agile Software Development.

The background principle is value concentrated understanding of the project when the value is created continuously and inputs are considered to be variable floats, which is different from classic task oriented understanding when the project is presented by a strictly defined list of tasks of a given price where inputs are solid stock.

Basic idea of MSF is a team model as a group of equal colleges.

7 roles, 7 angles of view

MSF defines 7 roles presenting 7 view angles of software development:

  • Opportunity creations, product leadership
  • Architecture
  • Project management
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Confrontation with user experience

Considering our company size, in some smaller size projects, some roles are cumulated in one person, therefore often the architect manages the project too, or a developer passes to a tester or implementer roles.

Distinct roles, or view angles, are arranged in a circle, which can be seen on the following picture, when the end is always in the form of implementation, completion on client side.

…and 7 principles of value concentrated understanding

In our company, the value concentrated project understanding is realized by the following 7 principles:

  • Let us concentrate to continuous value creation by which we increase the investment yield.
  • We involve the client to the development by frequent consultations, we share the property of the project and so we build the basis of reliable results
  • We expect uncertainty and we are prepared to it thanks to interactive development and by permanent adaptation to given reality
  • We are convinced that the sources of values are individuals; we prepare such conditions for them in which they can to signify something thus encouraging their creativity and invention
  • The productivity is encouraged by the group responsibility for results
  • Effectiveness is increased by the usage of strategies adapted to given situation
  • Our measure is our client; only his pleasure and usage of our results create their value

We develop our software in the Visual Studio 2008 development environment.

The act of accordance of the above principles and MSF methodologies in distinct roles and view angles we then realize by the means of team development on Team Foundation Server.

Work items

Here the development runs by the means of realization of distinct work items; typical work items are

  • scenario
  • quality requirement
  • development task
  • testing task
  • error
  • risk