About AION

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About AION

Keeping some distance, we can say that:

In recent millennium

our main theme was digital encyclopedias. And this occurred even in times when concepts as OCR or XML did not exist yet in foreign words dictionaries. We realized a few projects which we recall with nostalgia, even though they are still used by thousands of users even far beyond Czech borders.

In this millennium

our client diverted us to digital law. We were interested in ways in which the law becomes rule, from a rule it becomes opinion, from law regulation it becomes a capacity to manage various aspects of both individual and institutional lives. To catch that by means of information technologies and internet then often meant and means experiences which can be described best by the term exciting development.

But nothing from that would be possible

without requests and impulses from our customers, mainly from the field of web programming, which we felt honored to realize and thanks to them we, sometimes more quickly, another time more slowly, grew in abilities to create tailor-made software.