Case studies

Structured information about selected projects,
reasons of development, ways of usage, number of clients and so on.

Case Studies

An interest, a free minute, a taste?

Are you interested, and/or have you a free minute, and/or have you a taste to find how our solutions could help to you or to your clients to successful expansion of your company – to increase productivity, to make your communication more effective, to cooperate and the last but not least to manage?

If so, then we, for you and with approval from our clients, prepared here a description of some successful projects in the form of case studies having equal structure:

  • the name and characteristic of the project
  • the customer profile
  • reasons to realize the project
  • market position of the project
  • realization time
  • typical user profile
  • way of operation
  • user’s interface
  • technologies used
  • solution description