Our information systems find relations where others
only have a feeling that some could possibly be there…

development of tailor-made software
encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri
knowledge systems, topic maps
legal information systems
web applications

To make intricate things simple,
that is what we quite enjoy
for you…

EPI- aion's flag ship 

Flag ship

Without any doubts, our flag ship is
the law portal www.epi.sk.

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Otto’s encyclopedia - Lady Wisdom 

Otto’s encyclopedias

accompany us for a quite few years.
We have become attached to them.

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7 most asked questions on AToM2

AToM2 is a "web database". With AToM2
you can collect, categorize and share
your professional or personal information
extremely fast and in a very unique and
powerful way. What are the most frequented
questions about AToM2?

Digital profit?

Yes! On the address www.ezisk.sk,  
you can find a digital version of ZISK magazine.
A lot of interesting reading which otherwise
is not easy to find, all in one place.
Created for our client,
Poradca podnikateľa s.r.o.

For the state administration

In the Slovakia, taking into account
the enormous number of legislative changes
in the year 2010, we created a website
providing a selection of economical
and law information ordered
by themes and subjects of the state administration - www.vssr.sk.
Created for S-EPI, s.r.o.