either to be directly sold to customers,
or as building blocks of tailor-made solutions.


At the first glance, our offer does not seem to be too broad. And the first glance does not deceive.
However, each item means to their users an integral set of contributions.

WEBNET– publication system

is the basis of almost all our projects which have the user interface in a web browser. Users, user groups, a complex rights system, articles, article categories (1:n), semantic trees describing articles (n:n), discussions, polls, e-shop, statistics and many more.


represents our way to semantic techniques which convert information into knowledge. On this field, Topic Maps standard (ISO/ČSN 13 250) is our proxy. As any solution on the market did not fulfill our demands, we created our own product in recent years. Whereas we implemented some Topic Maps features only marginally, we also added many functions and features.

Net Health Monitor

Growing complexity of network services combined with the request to their easy access require an exploitation of powerful and automated software solution to their tracking, NET Health Monitor is a software tool which enables you just that supervision of your net infrastructure, servers, client stations and net applications.

Otto’s encyclopedia®

is a digital book. It represents a union of up-to-date digital technologies and enduring cultural and information values. Despite of its advanced age, it still remains to be the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedic work ever published in Czech and Slovak lands. It contains almost a quarter of million entries, complete 40 volumes of Otto’s dictionaries from years 1888 to 1946, wonderful search capabilities and also the form of synoptic replicas.