either to be directly sold to customers,
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7 most asked questions on AToM2

Dialogue with "virtual client":

1. What is AToM?

AToM is a tool for

  • collecting information in digital form
  • conversion of information into knowledges
  • knowledges representation and sharing
  • improvement of knowledges based on their sharing
  • knowledges finding (finding is a bit more than searching)

2. Once more please, what is AToM?

AToM is a software suite

  •  for buIlding, maintenance, representation of information collections and knowledges built upon thesE informations
  • based on Topic Maps principles (ISO 13250)

3. Well, and what can I do with AToM?

  • in theory: taxonomies, faceted classifications, thesauri, ontologies
  • in practice: vocabularies, encyclopedias, various indexes, catalogues, document collections, photobanks, timelines and interconnect everything mentioned

4. Sounds good, examples please!

  • Encyclopedia of medicine – symptoms, indications, diseases, therapies, medicaments, instruments, chemicals, latin terminology
  • Eurlex – hierarchically ordered European Union legal documents collection
  • Photobank – catogorization by a rich set of metadata, some of them subjective, some of them objective, creation of picture collections
  • Interactive school texts – subjects, syllabuses, explanations, retakes, examples, tasks, tests, teachers, students, school classes
  • Film database – database of films, actors, directors, screenplays, pictures, personal ratings
  • Travelling – visited places, dates, traffic, photos, experiences, friends
  • Chinese vocabulary – words, expressions, collocations, example sentence, team building
  • Music collection - musicians, bands, CDs, tracks, concerts, photos, experiences, biographies, styles, rating
  • Eurovoc – multilingual polythematic thesauri or information indexing

Common features of above mentioned examples:

  • fast and easy extensibility, association building, excellent searching possibilities, performance, web interface
  • last but not least: everything under control, you don't need team of expensive programmers building such applications

5. Great, what I need to start?

  • at first: know what you want to achieve
  • at second: information you intend to process
  • at third: computer :), web browser (in 2010 IE7+, next year firefox, chrome ...) and AToM
  • … a piece of time …

6. I'd like to give it a try, how much is it?

  • ask for creating your personal AToM by e-mail to
  • then a short piece a dialogue (personal, email, skype ...) should be fine
  • you don't pay anything
  • on the contrary it is honor for us to give you support in time of testing our software, which is currently in beta stage

7. Clear, but beta stage will be finished some day, what then?

  • if making profit is not the purpose of your project we believe that AToM can serve you forever for free 
  • if you will need more - your own domain, AToM integration into another of your project, batch data imports, customization, we are ready to server you :)