either to be directly sold to customers,
or as building blocks of tailor-made solutions.

Products / ATOM - Topic Maps Engine

AToM2 - some examples from reality


  • Collection of law Czech republic for free
  • access to consolidated versions for free
  • unique features - serach funcitionality, link assistant
  • original over 1 million pages
  • started in June 2011 and rapidly growing !
  • slovak twin also available:


2. company AION structure, activities

  • example of "company map", persons, activities, projects, hobbies ... more

3. EUR-Lex - European Union legal documents collection in English language

  • very large data source (more than 400.000 documents, 12 GB source database)
  • ontology of EUR-Lexu remodeled "1:1"
  • "official" frontend:
  • when you will be asked for login name and password and you still are interested to look inside, send an email to, we'll provide you with access information with pleasure

4. EuroVoc - multilingual polythematic European Union thesauri

5. personal notebook about films, music, travelling, photos ... (Czech language only)