either to be directly sold to customers,
or as building blocks of tailor-made solutions.

Products / ATOM - Topic Maps Engine

AToM2 modules

1. Ontology designer

Ontology designer is a tool for complete ontology management, consists from 3 editors:

1.1. space editor

  • for spaces (= topic maps) management

1.2. folder editor

  • for folde (= de facto scopes) management

1.3. schema editor

  • classes (= topic types) management
  • properties (= de facto occurences)  management
  • associations/roles management
maintenance of classes (= topic types) maintenance of associations

2. Data editor

Data editor is targeted for interactive filling ontology with data:

  • instances creation, delete, clone
  • properties of instances
  • association instances creation, sort, rate
  • personalization possible
detail of the instance with "group tree"detail instance with images
association with sortdetail of space

3. Mini browser

Mini browser is intended for verification of ontology filled in with data

  • simply functionality (displays only filled in data)
  • it can also serve as a very simple website :)
instance detailinterface for association management

4. AQL (Atom Query Language)

AQL is a query language for data mining from ontologies placed in AToM.

Currently it has following interfaces

  • faceted search in the data editor and mini browser (ASP.NET)
  • cascade search (Silverlight)
faceted search
cascade search in photo gallery application

AQL is under hard development and great enhancements can be expected by the end of this year (2010).