either to be directly sold to customers,
or as building blocks of tailor-made solutions.

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AToM2 - youtube

1. A very simple ontology of jazz

  • ontology plan proposal for the modeling in point 2 below
  •  classes: person, band, cd, track, concert
  • properties: born, died, photo, name, genre, place, timeline, person type
  • association relation between persons, bands, cds, tracks, concerts


2. Ontology modeling in AToM2 Schema editor 

Drawing a very simple Ontology into AToM2 Schema Editor in 7 steps:
(Ontology plan from point 1 above used)

  • Step 1/7: classes creation
  • Step 2/7: properties creation
  • Step 3/7: properties to classes assignment
  • Step 4/7: association creation
  • Step 5/7: adding constraints to association
  • Step 6/7: (association) roles naming
  • Step 7/7: group tree filling